Inspired by Max Payne's
"The Things That I Want"

I present Polaroidkidd's
"The Things That I Love"

A sleeping girlfriend.
A terrace in a warm summer night with a power outlet.
A cold beer.
A pack of cigarettes.
A working WiFi.
A pair of charged Bose 35 QuietComforts.
A minimal electro playlist.
A peace of mind, attainable solely through solitude.

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    Wake up please.
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    @oudalally don't. This is after an entire day of conversations like these

    Me: "No, this isn't a good idea"

    Her: "buuuuuuut"

    Me: "Fine."

    Her: "oh.... not quite what..."

    Me: "Yeah...... not in my worst nightmare."

    So, a SINGLE cigarette along with the rest of the things that I love is well deserved.
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    I envy you. but you still deserve it, do enjoy :)
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    Are the QC35s worth upgrading to from the QC15s?
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    @oudalally That asserts that more is better. As I discovered tonight Dell seems to think that about thermal compound
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    We should hang out.

    Ill bring the cocaine.
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    @ridecar2 I don't have the other ones but I absolutely love the QC 35
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