In january this year i convinced my whole team to switch from Skype to Stride. And now Stride announced that they are teaming up with Slack... I am going to look like complete idiot because we have to switch once again ... 😥

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    We switched from Teams to Stride as some of us made good experience with HipChat. But Stride has so many little icky problems. The main upfuck is the different markup. Again something unique again at Atlassian.
    It might feel better to use Slack/yet another messaging web app instead of Stride.
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    @JoshuaBehrens I quite like Stride, but no ringing when someone is calling you is bothering me. Do you knows any alternative to Slack ? Because paying for same functionallity what was free is nonsense to me.
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    @P1Ro we switched from slack to Teams and we love it... But here most of people hate ms, so i don't know if my suggestion could be valid for you
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    @dontbeevil We just switched to teams, though they Linux sopport is bläää. Any good workaround?
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    1- use the browser
    2- i beard there is a not official porting somewhere
    3- the official version is coming soon
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    @dontbeevil If the official version will be available I'll perhaps consider switching, but until then I'd rather stay with Slack. The ports I've found are kinda bad, and I prefer having messaging apps as a separate app, not browser based. Mainly because of how notifications work. https://desktop.appmaker.xyz/ has been the best solution so far...
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