Have to use this custom script language from ABB. I have hever felt this amount of pain in life. Virtually impossible to predict the result, and two compiled versions of the same code might behave different from the other. Please shoot me😖 Sorry, felt I needed to went my frustration. ☺️

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    ABB RAPID? Are you programming robots? :)

    RAPID - Wikipedia
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    No, that would way more fun. I am working for a Oil-Company and we use ABB Symphony Plus, to different things. The scripting tool decide what is going to show on the screens.

    Edit: I am working on faceplates for different tags atm.
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    @prvInSpace just watched a video about it and i guess found your source of pain "Evolution without Obsolescence" So you are stuck with 80ties technology who has to live up to the expectations of todays technology.

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    @heyheni I know it is old. We still use tape for backups. They really should upgrade system, but that would cost many millions of dollars. And I am not sure it is worth to stop my deparments suffering for that amount of money😂
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