And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a fork bomb in 2018. Thanks, Wikipedia.

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    What does it do? My bash isnt that well.
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    @Codex404 It lags the PC by using all the ram.
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    It starves your computer of resources by created a process over and over until panic
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    Is this part of the logic behind that JS.fuck project that reduces all JavaScript to 6 characters?
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    @Kaji nah, it's just bash BS. it creates a function that starts a new instance of itself, and sends the output of that to another new instance of itself which is backgrounded, and then runs that function
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    @Kaji I assumed you meant a JS to brainfuck transpiler, but thats not right. Thats just a really epic way to use JavaScript. Kudos to those guys! Thx for showing me this!!!
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    @deadPix3l My pleasure! I remember being utterly suspicious of it myself until I found I could have it translate my own code and it would run on a brand new page.
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