New mobile challenge I created:

... treat this as production code and show us your best practises and thought processes ... please list and explain any third party libraries used.

First submission:

I've used library X, although it has a major UI defect when rotating the device, it should be good for a simple test.

... wrong

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    I read this 5 times and still no idea what it's about. Your first submission doesn't match the template. And starting a sentence with "..." is very confusing.
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    You wouldn't believe how many average submissions I have seen, and some of them are coming from "senior" devs 😭
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    @vlatkozelka the challenge I created contained the two sentences in the first part above.

    The first submission from a candidate ignored the whole point of what they were asked to do and made a massive mistake
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    @practiseSafeHex which is why I understood nothing :p
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