Best moon eclipse pic I managed to do with my phone. The irony is that I was working at the planwtarium that night and we had set up telescopes and everything but I was working inside all the time ;D ah well. We still had fun ^^
Also, at the moment one can also see venus, jupiter, saturn and mars. Mars is the closest that it's been to earth 57 million km since 2003. So very big in a telescope.

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    Damn, I knew I forgot about something ... I got home and went straight to sleep yesterday. xD
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    When Moon Met Mars
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    There was no moon visible at all. Four weeks time no cloud at all, and this thing happens and its so cloudy the moon cant be spotted.
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    @Codex404 story of the life in my city. It was a wonder we could see something for a change yestersay. Usually it is always cloudy.
    You'll get another chance though I think the next eclipse is on the 21st of janurary.
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    I knew it. Jupiter was there too! Didn't see Saturn though
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