solving algorithms and ds problems :-

In C++ - I hate pointers.
In Java - I miss pointers

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    But there is a different representation for data structures in every language
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    Which DS or ALGO are you trying to code?
    you've STL in C++ and Collections in Java.
    you need not hardcode any ds.
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    It's a hate and love relationship. Hang in there friend.
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    "I miss pointers": none of java developers said
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    How about delegates? 😬
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    @Flame239 happens to those who used c++ for everything and now have to switch to java
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    In C# - I miss poin... oh, just let’s add unsafe to this method.
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    @Shahriar available with reflection. Since jdk8 almost as fast as called directly.
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    WTF you need to write sorting algo in Java? School? Phew...
    Java has pointers. But access to them is hidden before eyes of common people.
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