Well... It happens...

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    Ayyy welcome to devrant, I know it’s late. Enjoy your stay
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    My thesis in a nutshell
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    @devTea Thank you! I actually like here a lot😀
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    Haven't dug deep enough
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    Depending on the language, it might be acting as an interface where a function with the same interface is later is overriding it. Imo see if you can remove the body of the function and still have the code work, if so, this is probably the case.
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    This is very common in a very large projects where you don't know half of the codebase and a single function maybe used at hundred diffrent classes
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    I should also mention throw a breakpoint in the function to see if anything ever calls it, if for whatever reason breakpoints aren't an option, add a message log in the function to see if it's ever called. If the project is in a properly configured IDE, they usually have the ability to jump to any uses of the function, this is true for visual studio, eclipse, intellij, and many others. No project should have garbage code in it just for the sake of ignoring the underlying problem.
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    Or - if this is JavaScript - you can have somewhere an ‘eval’ that calls up this function as a result of different variables/texts concats. That’s been my world for quite a while now. I hate ‘eval’ with my whole heart. I am very thankful of the debugger, I would still be chasing this stuff otherwise.
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    If he can't figure out why, then he should probably quit his job?

    By the way, welcome to Devrant!
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    Looks like reflection may be the culprit
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    Similar thing happened in my first project, it was a screen with list of data along with filters, search and sort.

    And that shitty screen took 10-40 sec just to load data (10k-50k list Android).

    I was told to search a way make it faster, and consultant before making any changes.

    I re-factored it anyway, to a point that list loaded like flash, search, filter and sort experience became usable after that.
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