My team lead force pushed to master. This guys always complains when we merge PRs with wip or fixup commits and he just did it himself and tried to cover it up doing a rebase on the master branch.

Good job fucking up everyone. 👍

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    git outahere -o.O
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    g r o s s. I've had this happen to me too but for dumber reasons (one dev was having problems rebasing their own branch, so a senior developer just force pushed it, thus forcing everyone else to rebase).

    OTOH why are you merging PRs with wip/fixup commits? You know you can rebase your PR branch right?
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    @HollowKitty yes, I know and we rebase, but sometimes a wip gets merged by mistake.
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    @HollowKitty we leave it like that when it happens tho, we don't fuck up the master branch because of that.
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    @shellbug Yeah I should hope so :) wip/fixup commits are definitely the lesser sin here...
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