Favorite/most hated language? (I love a good flame war)

Why did you quit your previous job / Moment you've considered quitting your current job?

Why do you think Linux is so much better than OSX? (Ahh yes I feed on apple flavored hipster tears)

What side project are you currently working on?

If you had the best teams and unlimited funds, to be used only on a serious project using both Blockchain, IoT and AI, what would you create?

If you forgot how to code, what other career would you pursue?

What is your "I was so busy wondering if I could, that I forgot whether I should" concept/idea/project?

How many chicken eggs would fit inside the moon if it was hollow? (I like retarded interview questions)

If you started a startup, what unique perk would you offer your developer employees?

Do you under- or overengineer?

Most unnecessary feature you ever had to create?

Most necessary feature your boss/client denied to approve?

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    question 8: which size have the eggs?Xl, L, M or S?
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    @stop ostrich eggs.
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    @Divisionbyzero chicken eggs, an ostrich is not a chicken
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    @stop true. I can't read. 😅
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    @stop more like : can I crush the eggs?
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    @Commodore that would make it too easy
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    Exactly as distributed in nature, you may assume either red junglefowl or the domesticated chicken.

    But no cocks, cocks are useless to these egg problems.

    The question is whether egg packing density is morphologically analogous to the proven Kepler conjecture for spheres in 3d euclidian space (π/3√2), or whether the Bezdek/Kuperberg limit for ellipsoid packing could apply ((24√2-6√3-2π) * π/72).

    Although I guess you could indeed fit more if you just threw them in uncooked, i'd hire @Commodore.
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    Question 8: Hard to answer because of gravity. Eventually the eggs would collapse on themselves and you would have to add more eggs.
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    I love how you guys ignored all the non-important and irrelevant questions and went strait to the cliffhanger... :)))
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    @balaianu we're men. We care about eggs.
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    What are we?

    What do we care about?

    What do we use them for?

    How many eggs do we need?
    ALL THE EGGS!!!!
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    @balaianu i think the pressure laws could help.
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    @stop The question is, would the pressure and tidal force coagulate the protein, turning the moon into a giant poached egg?
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    Most useless feature I've created:

    I was tired, after a 13 hour work cycle, had to finish just one last, very simple feature.
    I've overengineered and complicated the thing by thinking about all the possibilities and technologies that might be used.

    End product was a python script that queried a database, saved the data into a model, then the model into a local SQLite DB, then pulled the data from the DB and created an Excel file from it. The Excel file was tranformed into a Google Sheet and uploaded to google docs. Then another script accessed the GSheet and read the data from there.

    On the next day I rewrote the second script to query the DB directly and deleted the first script.
    I've also printed the old script's workflow and hung it on the wall, for others to learn from my over thinking.
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    @Noob Ah, the development equivalent of the Rube Goldberg machine.

    "Why does your program need a label printer?"

    "How else would the camera on the drone scan the barcode with the location of the geocache containing the encrypted USB drive with the data which is needed by my program?"

    "What... Why have you hidden our company data on encrypted USB drives in geocaches?"

    "Because plain files could be stolen by other hikers in the Alpine highlands of course"
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