Thinking abut changing game engines entirely form GameMaker (Instability and lack of communication), mentioned in a previous rant I was going to look into Godot and Unity but starting to think it might just be worth building my own engines from the ground up in either C# or C++ (after i learn more of it)...

Just want to know if any other dev's out there have done this and what experience they had with it, or if there are any legible documents out there regarding it?

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    Okay and how many years have you set aside to just build your own game engine?
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    On roguelikedev subreddit is guy developing game similar to Dwarf Fortress (hold on at this moment) and for some time it was on his own engine, but a few months ago he switch to Unreal. Game start to looks better and run smoother than before. He summarizes this that it gives him a lot of knowledge, but take a lot of time. Picking up good game engine at the beginning will speed up development a lot.

    Game is nox futura and guy is thebracket, but currently he is working at another game due financial concerns. You could check it in sharin Saturdays (last 10-11 are about new game)

    I am not Dev at all, but as far as I heard, building own engine is justified if you want to learn/build engine not to make game or if your game don't fit in any available engine
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    If you are familiar with game engines I have a few lot questions... :D
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    "thinking about switching from gamemaker...
    ... or maybe writing my own engine"

    ... booooooy that escalated quickly. and stupidly.

    if GM was your main engine until now, you are most likely not at all qualified to make your own engine.
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    @Midnigh-shcode I've only stuck with GameMaker because of simplicity, it's not my MAIN sort of thing
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    if you stuck with gamemaker because of "simplicity" (which it lacks, btw, as soon as you try to do anything real), then you are definitely not qualified to make your own engine, as that process is several magnitudes less simple than working with the most complicated engine available.
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    @lxmcf sorry, i don't mean to be an asshole, but you're being mighty naiive, so i have no other option if i want to respond sincerely
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    @Midnigh-shcode Nah it's a fair point, if i was to build an engine it would only be a bog standard 2d engine, no need for physics or probably even shaders.

    Be more of a learning thing more than anything
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    @lxmcf in that case, you might be interested in handmadehero.org
    dude making a 2d game from scratch (as in REALLY, no engine, just c++) streaming the whole process ;)
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    @Midnigh-shcode I've seen that!

    It's really informative but he seems to being jumping into the nitty gritty before all of the basics are done, might revisit that when I get the chance
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