Researching to making a small 2D game using constructor classes and while building out classes, was working on my Tree method using fractal geometry and made a wallpaper out of the tree 🌳

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    That's beautiful. :)
    Now, go and create a forest?
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    @nin0x03 I love the name "Fractal Forest" 😍 thinking about it. Hopefully it all goes smooth but going to have a go at making the trrs go through lifecycle, fruit, seeds and then more trees 😊. Wish me luck!
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    @TrojanMorse "Fractal forest" belongs imo into a fantasy novel. ("In the distance, they could see the first complex crowns of Fractal Forest ascend from the eerie mist that lay over the valley." Or like so. :D)

    Well then! Have fun. :)
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    Well done! Looks great.
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    This is beautiful !
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    This is awesome 😍. How did you made this?
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    @Ganofins JavaScript + Canvas + Wikipedia 😁, follow the process, i have a second version but planning on making a project with this after i find a library (too much typing currently -_-) but ill open-source it once I feel ill get managable hate from the online community about my code 🙈
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    @nin0x03 too many Vectors 🙈 will probably rewrite this at some point using a lower level language and then take advantage of the hardware hardware Or i can be anal and just refactor and spend hours trying to fix performances om canvas (which i know ill probably do anyway being a JS fanboy by heart, here i come WebGL😔)
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    Looks awesome. Are you open to publish it somewhere? 😊
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    It’s amazing <3
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    Kinda late but can we have it too?
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    My wallpaper collection has a lot of things like this: https://drive.google.com/open/...
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