Found this on /r/battlestation last night. I really like to have such neat and nice setup when I can afford in future (I hope). But have one question.

Is it suitable for non-gamers?

I'll be using it for coding, work, movies, etc. I don't think I'll play any game that seriously ever.

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    I kinda want one. You'd need a second monitor to test applications for normal monitors though.
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    I think I have this image saved on my Pinterest - btw, nice Firewatch wallpaper on top monitor.

    Answering your question: Yes.

    I mean, I usually work with a lot of stuff on my screen. Having a ultrawide monitor helps a lot specially when you're studying something on a MOOC or using an editor + engine (Like VS Code and Unity, which is my current stup right now).

    Right now I don't have two monitors, just one "small" ultrawide. But I'm looking forward to buy a bigger one and a top (or maybe side, vertical).
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    @starrynights89 LOL that image 🤣

    @DarkMelchiah thank. We can get one with about $300 budget. So it's not super expensive. 😁 Still I don't think I can buy one before 2020, lol
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    @vlatkozelka I'm starting with a brand new monitor.

    Likely going to pick up a tower and monitor in a few weeks
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    I would want multiple monitor rather than long wide one for coding
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    @devTea @vlatkozelka

    Yeah. The ultimate setup I want is multiple monitors which combine has like same length of that curve one but with none bezel/border.

    Or wish I can cut the curve monitor into 3 parts :3
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    @devTea i felt the same thing about multiple monitors. Id want two just so i could use the edges to 'instantly' size the window to half of each screen. Being able to see all that information helps me work
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    @sadProgrammer @cursee

    Same, I rarely play games on computer anymore, I just watch people play it on youtube
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    I have a similar set up. I strongly recommend an ultra wide monitor like this over multiple monitors. Much more configurable and having two windows side my side !== two monitors but it is == two monitors.

    Here's an old picture of mine on r/battletops. Sometimes I'll have the lap top open underneath the main monitor and use it's keyboard directly. Good to have dev console and tail -f logs on it.
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    @CodeMonkeyG OMG those sound boxes 😱
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    @cursee There's another one on the floor for the purposes of massaging my bowels with dat bass. :)
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    Some of the people at my office use TV screens rather than multiple monitors. Don't think I could handle that.
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    @totoxto I hate using TV monitors. They are just not mean to display text and images the same. Painful on the eyes.
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    @devTea that sounds very...unfortunate, actually.
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    @RememberMe you mean the watching other people play game part?

    It's actually very satisfying. You don't get tired. You experience almost the same game play experience. And if the YouTuber is good speaker, then it's really great to watch.
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    @RememberMe Haha how is it unfortunate? I just don't feel entertained by modern day games anymore, I still enjoy classic old game
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    @devTea Agreed.

    My current list:

    - '90s Doom

    - Doom 2

    - Starcraft

    - Halo: Combat Evolved

    - Slither.io
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    @cursee @devTea dunno, gaming is a very personal experience for me. And I usually tend to play stuff with strong narrative, the most recent one being NieR Automata. Watching someone play that would totally destroy it, (especially the final ending). You lose that sense of achievement, satisfaction. I mean, it's basically become a show that you watch, which completely defeats the whole point of games, no? (Interaction)

    @devTea totally agree on that, most new games are rubbish. So I spend a lot of time playing and discovering old games, there are plenty to last for a good number of years, lol, especially RPGs.
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    @RememberMe I watched youtubers play Life Is Strange and I love it a lot, probably depend on what games are we talking about
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    @CodeMonkeyG Doom 2016 is fantastic too, try it. Great soundtrack as well.

    Would totally recommend old D&D based RPGs, they suck up so much time lol (Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planetscape: Torment).
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    @devTea nah, I would totally hate having to watch someone else play Life is Strange. Again, to my mind it might as well not be a game but a TV show.

    Oh well, different tastes. Whatever floats your boat :)
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    @RememberMe Want to but I am confined to what I can run on my Late 2012 MacBook Pro.

    The other game I absolutely love to pieces is Tribes. The last installment, Tribes: Ascend was my happy place. Fast, full of action, with jetpacks and exploding frisbees.
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    @devTea same here. I used to wonder how people lived without games but now, I wonder how people find the time.
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    Q : Is it suitable for non-gamers ?
    A : No.

    Gaming aside, that big screen will only be useful for movies and that's it. I would rather have three monitors instead of that screen.

    The top monitor looks dope by the way. That would be quite a good place to put a terminal or VM.
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    @illegaldisease lemme ask you: why it's not suitable?
    I mean, most modern ultrawide have the "multi-desktop" feature, where you can split the screen like you actually have multiple monitors to work with stuff in parallel.
    I know it by experience because I actually use one those ridiculously huge Samsung monitors back in my office and boy, what an experience it is to use that thing.
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    @DarkMelchiah I used one of these as well, not bent over like that but a wide one.

    The thing is, it tires my eye too much to look around the screen since it makes everything wide af. I didn't think of splitting it to multiple screens, could be a lot better.
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