Not quite a rant... more of a question.

So, I'm almost 40 years old. I have a lot of work experience in varying fields, much of it in low-level management.

Truth is I've ALWAYS wanted to be a programmer.

I recently got into a somewhat competitive training program
where I'm learning to write Java, and will subsequently learn Android development. It's fairly in-depth, so it will take 10 moths to complete. My ultimate goal it's to work as a mobile dev at a great company, making products people love. Ambitious, I know.

My question is: Am I a fool for attempting to get into this field at this age? I'm starting to panic a little. I'm not sure if I'm wasting my time, or if 40 is too old to be the "newbie".


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    Don't let your dreams be dreams. Just do it! 😀
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    What age?! I'm 39 + 1/4 and I see no problem!

    The only issue is that the job market can be ageist, but the other skills you bring to the table may outweigh that... or just find the right company... or start your own!

    You're never too old! 👍🏻
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    Stay hungry, stay foolish...... Just keep doing what you are doing.... :)
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    Well, I don't think its impossible, would require some patience as you will be a newbie and experience comes with practice and coming from management you will probably have to accept salary decrease, but could be worth it. I switched from big company to small one, now I have less money but more fun and for me it was worth it. But could be more difficult if you have a mortgage and such.
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    If you are familiar with computers in general (as a user) and have at least a little of the right logical mindset (witch I assume if you have always wanted to be...), you will be fine or better. In 10 months you will learn how to program and maybe even realize how much you still have left to learn 😊
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    Programming is like love, there is no age to do it. Beside maybe your life experience might help you learn it more quickly.
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    Never too late to learn something new! However, the job market can be biased. Some will expect you to be an expert just based on your age and work experience. So be upfront that you are a junior developer or it could hurt you in interviews. As others said, be patient and not too hard on yourself. But push yourself and you will soon be off and running. Good luck, and rant often!
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    You made the best decision ever! We are about the same age. I started almost 20 years ago.

    You know what? We are always going to be a beginner at something! Think you are done with Java? Bam! now you got to do JavaScript then CSS and then Bam! Now you are doing C#! Then this and then that. I'm as beginner as you are with so many other things. Despite having a 20 years head start.

    It's mentally rewarding like no other field of works! So code and kick some ass mate and enjoy your adventure!
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    Although my avatar does not show it - I have requested an older avatar - trust me you have plenty of time to build a developer career. Your middle manager business experience will serve you well. Some companies really value devs with business experience. Leverage that business - dev intersection.
    Keep learning and building every day. You will wake up one day soon and realize you have enough experience to work in the field. Even if it is not your perfect job day 1 you should get all the experience you can. Make a short and long term goal and just do it.
    Keep us informed. Good luck and much success.
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    @sam0 Making love has a kind of min age limit.
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    @Yeah69 you perv :3, i didn't ment love in that way...
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    No, you are not a foul! Here in Brazil there is a guy named Maujur, he is a legend in CSS and he begin learning with 56 years old. So, is never too late to begin! Wish you the best! 👏
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    Thank you all for the encouragement. It seems that most folks are in agreement about the ageism in this field, but to be fair, I think that's an issue in most fields. I guess I just needed validation from other folks that I'm not wasting my time. Thanks again!
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