looking for a nice side project very badly..πŸ˜–πŸ˜–it sucks when you have nothing interesting to work on.

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    Make a porn site.
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    My favorite is creating a game engine, I really like the type of thinking I get to apply

    Otherwise, I always try to do something that's complicated so there's a challenge.

    Or you could create some generic service. Do something specific with AI and make a rest API for it. Like image or speech recognition.

    Maybe authentication service that other services could use. I.e. same password but different apps get different permissions.
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    How can you have more time than ideas?

    Just build a (game|website|chat-client|CLI|whatever) using a language you've never tried on an OS you've never used, or something.

    Or just read a manual. I don't know.

    You're a programmer; you have a computer; you have internet access. The world is your God damned oyster. Just do something.
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