My JetBrain studient licence is over ... :'( RIP i dont have budget to buy good IDE.

welcome back VScode

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    Meh, I'll pay my $150 when the time comes. I can't go without IntelliJ.
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    Free for open source projects
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    I'd like to show you this wonderful little thing called piracy
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    Uhmmm... Community edition is free?
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    Ddg “Free jetbrains license server”
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    Vs code is pretty good. What features are you missing?
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    @CluelessBanana only for some of them (not goland, for example)
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    Life has more to offer than only JetBrains
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    IMHO, IDEs definitely save time at first but learning the commands you need usually equals out for me.
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    I think they give a 25% or 50% (don't remember which one) off for the first year after Student license expires.
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    I sympathize.

    I also had a student license and had it run out.

    It took a bit of time to get a decent job, but as soon as I did I got a full license for all their products. Money well spent.

    Also, if you still a student then contact JetBrains and try to get it extended.
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    If you are still studying, you can renew the license when you log in
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    Netbeans too (I'm a jetbrain' products user) but if i lack in money, i'll come back go to it
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    Vscode and PHP is to thing XD
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    Isn't the student version coming with perpetual fallback licenses?
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