Got an email from the IT manager of a subsidiary.
IT: Hi, I appeal to your IT skills: A. wants the Chrome bookmarks of B. How do I do it? Can I just login with B. account in A.’s Chrome to let her have the same bookmarks?
Me: No, please...never heard about export/import?
IT: Nope, thank you for the suggestion. I’ll do my best!

And that’s why I’m currently on holiday.....

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    Well, at least they talk decently? 🤔😅😌😕
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    @Electrux It’s not a true IT. Never got a “thank your for your suggestion” from an IT 🤣🤣 I was raised by an IT.. never got such kind words 😁
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    And that's why the only thing they're responsible for is tech support 🙃 also, welcome to devRant!
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    @gugnir888 lol oh well... Good luck then 😅😅
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    @Condor Damn right!!! It’s just that I can’t stand Helpdesk guys disguised as Sysadmins 🤬
    Thank you! It feels like home here...
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    @gugnir888 You'd be surprised at just how many shitadmins there's out there that never in their entire life worked in a console, or edited a configuration file, or worked with any server that's directly connected to the internet.. so many incompetent fucks out there, it's sickening. And then people wonder how the hell all those database dumps happen all the time...
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