first, avatars are a great idea!

BUT I dont eant to wait until i have "n ++" to change the what computer (mac/non mac) is on my avatar/profile image. [the thing with the desk and watch is ok, but i think unnessesary. I wear a moto 360 every day so why schiuld i have none or another one that dose bot look like the one i am wearing on my profile picture]


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    lol wat?
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    We want to reward people in multiple ways for contributing quality rants and comments. Comments are key there - before this change people weren't getting rewarded for good comments.

    While I understand what you're saying, we do want to give some incentive to drive more quality contributions and we think locking some things is a good way to do that.

    A few people have suggested now making the locked items available also through some inexpensive in-app purchases, which we might also explore.

    But yeah, we can consider unlocking/lowering the point values for certain things, and I think your point here does make sense. We kind of did the initial locking quickly so we're open to reviewing. We can't increase points needed once we add something, but we can lower it.
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    @dfox I feel like the point system as it is right now is fair. I'm not the biggest contributor but most things are already unlocked for me.
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