devRant should make their own version of Tinder. All this lonely devs could really use a partner to cheer up their life 😄

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    Brogrammer Romance <3
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    ha well @dfox and I met while working at an online dating company, and the previous app we built was "Tinder for news"
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    Tinder for pair programming would be better 😁
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    @trogus Any advice in marketing dating apps? One of my good friends is going to be releasing his soon (... I'm pretty sure part of the motivation was to get dates by eating his own dog food...)
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    @Christine unfortunately it's tough to get a dating app off the ground, you're building a marketplace, so need some way to have enough buyers to match the sellers in a given locale. Network effect, but tied to location as well. Launch in one city at a time until critical mass is achieved helps focus marketing efforts, which is what happn did well. Events in niche communities (colleges) worked well for Tinder and Bumble
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    programming chat roulette, as a vim and termux plugin.
    that will be the source of the next greatest idea of software.
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    @heyheni OMFG !! you are a genius , don't get mad if I try to steal your idea .
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    We can use machine learning to detect dicks and dick accessories and apply ze banhammer
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    i would love to have a programming partner :(
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    @skonteam do it! :D
    there should be an app on your mobile that would do the programmer chatroulette mating, user profiles and audio/video communication during programming. And if it's a programmers match, once you hit the "let's code" button, the terminal opens on your computer (hyperterm.org plugin). Maybe with a given coding quest, perhaps a real one from a client who would finance this plattform. (crowd programming)

    With an App you could do the socialmedia thingy on your way commute to work and if you like someone, set a time to code at the evening.

    would't be that a killer feature for devRant? ;)
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