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    Cannot decide whether it's a great idea, or a sad one...
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    @react-guy Sad.

    Among adults, attention is earned, not to be demanded.

    If a girl wants my attention, go ahead and captivate me. Be fucking interesting.

    I'm lucky enough to have found such a girl a decade ago, and I drown her in attention.

    Not because she asks, but because I can't get enough of her smart jokes, her random shower-thought realizations, her thought-provoking questions.

    If you feel like you don't receive enough attention, stop being boring.
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    @bittersweet The person on the profile image doesn't look that old and speaks of the little sister. So I guess this situation is not "among adults", but the young guy just had some sweet idea that in fact makes him quite interesting.

    Nevertheless he will regret it very soon..
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    He'll just end up unplugging that led anyways.
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    I'd do that except only for emergencies or if she needs emotional support and if it's misused, the server for enabling the LED is shutdown.
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    I would only do that If I suspected she was betraying me. Lived 3 years with a Nerd Girlfriend, and we always solved everything talking. When she wanted hugs, kisses or a fuck she just needed to call me with a sweet voice, I would watch her shows with her also, and She would also give me hours, and I her, to be on our space.

    The first girlfriend that was like this... and now I can't get a girlfriend, after having a relationship where everything was dealt with by talking, I just can't go back to dumb fuckers...

    Before, it was hard to find even a fuck friend, let alone a good girlfriend, now that I want a good smart nerd girlfriend I have a few after me... None worth the time.

    Life gives you Apples when you want Pies, and Pies when you want Apples.
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    I thought this was cute... Until the last line
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    I think it's cute.

    No, not the sentiment. That custom apps and DIY electronics projects are becoming mainstream.

    Does that mean the rest of us nerds who own more micro-controllers than we likely should will be cool soon?
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    @GyroGearloose I notice the capitals in your last sentence. Well played.
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    When my bf was starting as a programmer and was concerned he wasn't "good enough" (which he always was, fucking genius if you ask me) for his bday I created an app that he had to debug so that he gets a correct key to decipher a passphrase that he would later on use to figure out a combination to open a locker where his gift was. He fucking loved it and told all of his friends :)

    In return for my bday I got a necklace with binary ascii message encoded in it with dark and light beads that he made himself.

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    @aerfromenes Best geek gift I've ever heard of. I wish you were my gf...
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    @react-guy aww.. i can create a broken app for you anytime just say a word!! ❤
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    sounds creepy
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    @aerfromenes You could start a business from that.
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    Sound like an awesome idea for a silent alarm / panic button
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    I just hope he has that red alert spinning light on the ceiling and a siren.
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    Teach me senpai!
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    @cst1992 haha yea. Somewhere on Craigslist for sale:
    "nasty scala code that a GIRL wrote using her fingers - FOR SALE
    she tapped and tapped until she was done. She traversed trees so deep, without any protection, her recursive solutions were not optimized.. she blew the whole fuckin stack in less than a second like a champ, dirty dirty job"

    I could do that 😂👌
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    @aerfromenes most of that left me cold... but Scala... that is a turn on. I think something is wrong with me.
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    Last line should've been: "is thinking of him."
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    this is a nice gesture. i've created three apps in secret for my girlfriend but can't compile them because i don't have the $99 to pay apple.
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    Because sending a text is soooooooooo 1992
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    Y’all don’t text message at your house?
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