Ok this is getting way out of hand! Newest cocktail for this weekly rant: Tequila Sunrise!

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    waiting for openwrt to release what drink 18 is gona be

    chaos calmer (15) was pretty good. kinda like a gin tequila sunrise
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    @zlice uhh didn't heard about that ^^ I think I'll try a DevRant cocktail soon ^^ have bought alcohol for round about 120€ @my birthday. So I have much left for trying ❤️
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    Stop being a lil bitch and shotgun vodka like real men
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    @sharktits sorry, I won't shot my expensive absolut Vodka. But I still have cheap vodka... I'll be back
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    @sharktits @AlexDeLarge I have come to a point where me and my girlfriend are drinking Amaretto and coke because fuck our livers
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    Aint you supposed to snort coke?
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    @sharktits not that kind of.... Jeah you are right
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    Keep these cocktail rants going, please! 🤤🤤😋😋
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    do you by any chance need help drinking all those cocktails? asking... for a friend 😎
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    @CoffeeNcode it would be very helpful ^^
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    @SteffTrek give a shout next time you make some :D
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