I just got a bit into OpenCV and I am completely exited. I built a little ball tracker (Yes I know that the cross is on the other side, it's inverted so the cross is at the same position as the ball in front of the camera) and although it is not the most advanced project I think it's kinda cool.

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    The reason why only half of the ball gets recognized is that I have tuned it for a different light than what was there when I took the picture.
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    Hey @stonefruit could this be interesting for your collab idea?
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    @antorqs is referring to this. This is using a webcam i assume? Might be a useful controller if the tracking is reliable. I'm thinking of doing open sourced games for physical rehab. Take a look at the collab!

    btw, most projects are not exciting until we mix a few unexciting stuffs together!

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    @stonefruit Hey, I just looked up your project and I think it is a really good idea. But I'm not sure about the kinds of diseases you aim for. Is it also for e.g. paralyzed patients or just for people with e.g. a broken arm? Sorry if this is a stupid question but I have no idea of this business.
    If this would help I think it would also be possible to track eyeballs or little stickers on any body part.
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    And thanks @antorqs for mentioning this project. We both would probably have never found each other without your idea.
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    @lucaIO maybe we can look at upper limb stroke rehab for a start
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    @stonefruit so the goal there is basically to regain proper control of the arms? For example games that train exact movements of the hands, let's say a game where circles randomly appear on the screen and you have to move your hands to this position in order to "destroy" these circles asap. Do I get this right?
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    Are you using OpenCV with C++, Java or Python ? Looks really cool !
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    @Vector Thanks! I'm using Python, as I'm most used to it.
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