Theres a debate in my company about whether or not to be using RxSwift on iOS apps. I'm not 100% convinced. Today we had two submissions for a coding challenge come in. One uses nearly all the same Rx modules this company does, one was vanilla Swift.

Just by chance noticed the vanilla app writer contributed ~5k lines of code to the challenge overall. Including libraries, the Rx one contributed ~45k.

That to me is just bat shit crazy. It would want to be the most amazing, time saving, bug reducing thing the world has ever seen to justify that volume of code.

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    beware that now you're cursed, if you don't embrace reactive programming and spread the word about how good avocados are within 21h , a team of hipsters will popup in your office with their beards, colorful stuff and trendy buzzwords.

    seems a joke, but it's not
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    ok, really, rx to me justifies the overhead

    there're almost no cases where complexity is low enough to make reactive approach pointless (maybe code challenges...)

    i don't know the swift scene very well, but 40K lines seem quite something tho
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    @thatsnotnice loved the first response.

    Re second: I dunno. There’s only a small handful of use cases so far where I’ve said “oh cool that will save some time”. The rest I don’t necessarily as an improvement, just a different way of doing it. I still think I could replicate the few useful things another way and not introduce 40k lines of code into the app
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    @practiseSafeHex more than the immediate time saved / lines of code, did you consider the maintability of said code?
    Kind of like unit tests, they'll slow you down on the short run.

    Although a 1 to 9 ratio is absurd and reason enough not to go for it imho
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