Really? You want me to install you an old windows release because "you don't understand the new one"?
What don't you understand? Fucking square buttons? Basic color palletes? Big fat icons with a description below?
What do you miss in a ten years old shitty OS? The need of three antiviruses? The satanic settings layout? Lack of any drivers?
You have a family, you're making them too experience all the security breaches, all the compatibility problems with thing are a "must have" today, and all the slow performance.
Fuck you. Please, please, please, go fuck yourself with your trashy laptop's burnt battery. Pretty please. I already hated you, but now it's out of the charts.
PS: Actually, fuck myself with your crappy laptop's batteries, because my girlfriend told me to help you, and I can't say no, so see you in two weeks, when porn ads are invading your desktop and you're ready to blame me.

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    Windows 10 is adware/pure cancer, can't blame people for not wanting to infect their hardware with that shit.
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    Also: with windows 10, you'd have ads immediately instead, plus copious amounts of spyware/"telemetry" (much of which you cannot turn off), plus its update issues, plus the randomly-changing settings issues, plus the cpu/disk usage issues, plus randomly-reinstalled software, plus randomly disappearing secondary OS partitions, plus the randomly-reinstalled bootloader, plus ....

    Windows 10 is a malignant cancer.
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    @Root @NotWhoIUsedToBe

    Actually, the new Windows version wich can't be understood is windows 8.1
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    @stereohisteria isn't that the one where they force the new crap menu?
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    @NotWhoIUsedToBe Honestly, I couldn't tell. I know that form 8 and forward, Windows has a square grid menu based on a 60's study that in essence says "The more you use the app, the bigger shall be the button". But that's all. I'm a GNU/Linux irrational fanboy who hates Microsoft and partners irrationally :D
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