So apparently somone put Snapchat's iOS source code on github. I love the capitals in this DMCA notice like SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! take it down already.

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    I found like 3 clones of the repo already, so this takedown didn't worth much..
    If something once gets on the internet, it will never disappear.
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    @1989 No, they accidentally published it somewhere and people started copying it.
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    Does anyone have a copy of the code?
    Would love to get my hands on it 🤓
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    Well someone is getting fired today
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    @1989 Took me way too long to get this.
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    I think Facebook is happy to see the code
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    @gitpush they've stolen the whole idea already..
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    @marci010101 but that will damage Snapchat having their code for other competitors, so this damages Facebook competitor in that area unless Snapchat has other things, tbh I never used it
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    @gitpush the idea is so simple you don't need the code to steal it.
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    @marci010101 unless they are doing some shady shit under the hood and want it hidden from public 😊
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    Do you really think that they read the "Guide to Submitting a DMCA Takedown Notice"?
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    Snapchat also bought an AR company for a ton of money afaik and I assume that that code has leaked as well
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    i love how the image cuts off at "have you searched for any forks? please remember each fork is a separate repo..."

    as if at that point, the submitter just went "oh for fucks' sake!" and closed the form =D
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    Snapchat for Android still used to be garbage months after Instagram copied it. For example, instead of capturing the camera output, it simply took a screenshot of the camera preview. Yes, that's how it worked. So, if you had a Pixel with support for a high resolution output, Snapchat would still take a blurry-ass screenshot.
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    @gitpush but it is still copyrighted. They can't use it even when it is leaked. As so big company they will not risk being sued for stealing code.
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