Does anyone here feel like they're more of a debugger than a programmer ?

Like 70% of my time is spent investigating / fixing bugs and anomalies.

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    I can relate
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    Can relate
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    yes 😑
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    Most of the time yes.
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    85%+ researching and debugging... 😕
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    I'd call me some kind of firefighter.

    Always putting out the hottest flame.
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    I work with css. That should tell you everything you need to know.
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    When it comes to our main project: yes.

    but the last few months i'm building a web app of this old product and it feels great. Didn't write so much code in a long time.
    Also with this "new techs", i'm much faster in debugging and bugfixing. Ok maybe because it's no spagetti code? 😅😁
    And my own code as well. back-and frontend.

    I missed this so much 😥
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    Yep and I'm a pm currently
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    As someone who aspires to several other creative fields, I have come to realize that any creative field (including programming) is much more about improving/fixing first drafts than most people think it is. Debugging is where the magic of programming really happens (you make your ideas actually work), not a separate thing.
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    🙋🙋🙋 But I love it!! Went one week without criticals & had to do some cr.. man, that was borrrriiiiiinggggg.. :/
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    Same! 100%
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    Welcome to the dev life ;)
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