Trying to get gcc and make onto a 3DS is nigh impossible as my x64 PC won't let me cross-compile and the only ARM device I have is a Pi Zero, but it runs out of memory mid-compile... fml.

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    you can't get a multi-arch gcc or an arm gcc and set to cross compile on your x86_64?
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    @Bitwise The only thing on the 3DS Linux kernel right now is anything handled by the kernel itself. Read/write to any storage is experimental as of now. With gcc and make, more could be added very quickly.

    Also, no, for some reason gmp won't cross-compile, and it's a prerequisite of gcc.
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    That really sucks then, couldn't imagine compiling a kernel on a Rasp Pi lol even if it had enough memory.
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    Try cross compiling via clang maybe?
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