Imagine if, when a Windows version became outdated (So anything before Windows 8, I guess), Microsoft made it available in the public domain.

We could have Windows distributions, just like Linux! Imagine how weird it would sound if you just said to your Linux-using friend, 'Oh yeah, I use arch!' and they replied 'Oh, me too! I love Arch Linux!', and you just stare at them and say:

'What's Linux? I only use Arch Windows.'


'Arch Windows? Are you stupid?', they would reply in utter disbelief.

We all know someone's gonna blurt out 'Yeah guys! I just downloaded Kali Windows so I could learn to hack, I don't know what you're talking about!'

Ah, good times.

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    @oudalally well, windows NT was born out of the work on OS2 when MS quit the collaboration with IBM and it had a xenix subsystem so it was pretty close.

    Dos only survived until win 98 (and no I don’t count the ...)
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    @oudalally your right, I mixed them up :/
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    @oudalally to be honest, I do not think MS have suffered from it though.

    So from an company economics perspective its hard to argue that they did it wrong :/
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