My boss told me that I should improve my posture since I was slouching. He said girls really dig good posture.

1. Highly doubt that
2. Is that why his wife married him?
2.5 If so, that’s low standards
3. I’m a programmer anyway so I’m afraid I’ll need more than good posture to get a girlfriend🤷‍♂️

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    He's right, but he really means employers dig good posture because employees are less prone to illness = take last time off = don't take sick pay. Of course employees don't relate to that, but they (might) girls!
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    @nate Well he should’ve just clearly stated that instead of making me think of girls in the middle of work
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    @Loading I doubt he'd think of that as being effective, and I agree. You're right, mentioning girls does introduce a possible distraction - I guess he's betting on only temporarily.

    I'm also wondering if there's a correlation between good posture and productivity; or being *reminded* of good posture and productivity. I'll bet yes.
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    I severely doubt that your boss said that because he was thinking "that way he will never get sick and not miss days at work muahahaha" specially since most developers have a rather sedentary lifestyle(at work, and no, this ain't an absolute statement)

    I think he meant it that way, people slouching give the impression of hiding, being meekly/weak or weird. This is just body language and people(not just women) would substitute whatever the reason for slouching with one of the aforementioned attributes.

    So stand tall and proud, shows confidence which is something that most people like.

    There is a lot of very interesting articles online about body language :D check em out! They are pretty cool and will probably give you clues as to how people around you act towards you. It will also make you a manipulative fuck(like yous truly)
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    @AleCx04 Yeah I know he was joking. I know improving posture will make me more presentable but don’t want to be a manipulative fuck😅
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    @AleCx04 I mostly disagree. If clients or investors are *frequently* around devs, then yes maybe.

    Fix up, look sharp!
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    @Loading oh you don't have to. It is just something that came to me after years of learning how to read people.

    It has given me a lot of good results. At work my manager would not do a presentation or deal with the board of directions without me being there with her. She is also one of the only people around me that knows that I do this, still does not know how to guard herself against it, but she knows :P
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    @nate i don't get the statement about investors etc be around broski. But yeah man, i normally mention that these are not absolute statements. More like educated observations
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    "Hey baby, you know there's nothing I find more sexy than a man with posture..."

    Nope doesn't have a ring to it
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    Good behave & good attitude is more important than just a posture.
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    @Loading then why do you have the smile on your avatar?
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    Rule N1: Stand straight with your shoulders back

    -Jordan B. Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life
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    If my opinion counts, we do dig good posture. Mainly because it makes you look so much more confident. Confidence is sexy.
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    @polaroidkidd Because I don’t want to look like I just got fucked in the as like your avatar😂
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    @MrJimmy Well there we go. We have a girl that sees it
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