I wish my dad wouldn't bring up the cost of college to me.

Yes it costs me $12,000 to attend full time semester. Yes I'll be on $75,000 of debt by the time I graduate next year.

Why the fuck do you think older millennials aren't planning on buying homes, putting off marriage into their 30's let alone thinking about fucking kids.

It's not his fault, I love my parents. I just feel like they want me to pull a rabbit out of a hat when I'm already pushing full time work and soon full time classes.

I'm tired. ๐Ÿ˜”

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    You may want to edit your comment ever so slightly.
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    You should rephrase the part of "thinking about kids" to "fucking thinking about having kids"
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    So this is the reason we aren't thinking about fucking kids?
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    The world population has reached 7 billion and we are out of resources :/ for every new person about 75m2 more asphalt is needed and imagine how much natural resource we destroy. meanwhile we are actually dependent on natural resources. I would say adopt an animal instead
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    @ArcaneEye you can remotely adopt an orangutan for example https://support.wwf.org.uk/adopt-an...
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    One of the few good things about my country(Turkey) is that you don't have to pay a penny to go to the best universities they have on offer. Everything is decided by how good you do on an exam compared to other students. But other than stuff like free healthcare, and free universities, most things are shit and the Turk economy is on a stable path to hell
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    @Marnsghol Turkey itself is on a stable path to hell with the current president.
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    @filthyranter my exact thoughts
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    @Marnsghol some of the best programmers I saw was from Turkey (ODTU?) which is your school?
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    @Marnsghol Isn't Turkey as bad as Russia regarding freedom of thought?
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    @electrineer Yeap my teacher got a 9+ year prison sentence because of that

    @wateringdisease Unfortunately ODTU computer engineering was out of my range, to get into that department you needed to almost ace both the test and a great diploma grade, I could get into ODTU mathematics but that was about it ๐Ÿ˜‚

    EDIT: My teacher ran away from Turkey successfully though, so he is free now
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    I'm sorry, but the first thing that came to my mind was the "America! Fuck yeah!" Theme song.

    You could study in Puerto Rico. You can study the entire Bachelor's degree in probably under $10,000.

    You would have to do a bit more research if you don't speak Spanish though.
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    Mate, you gotta slow down
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    @Collie ...And this is why we should be allowed to edit posts beyond 30 minutes.
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    Stress about the future doesn't have to result in dirty thoughts about "fucking kids".

    Lol its all good, anyone with a straight mind will understand what you really meant.
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    @Floydian @Collie @filthyranter Human error is sometimes the funniest thing on earth. And the best medicine. :P
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    This is what I like about the swiss system. We do have tutition, but it costs < 1'000.- a semester. ETH Zurich, which is amongst the top 10 university worldwide is at about 860.- a semester.
    Sure live is expensive here, but once you got housing, food and insurance covered there isn't much stoping you to get an education.
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    @electrineer Very close to Putinland. This is how USA will be if Trump is re-elected. Erdogan and Trump has a very very similar style of governing a country.

    @Marnsghol ODTU ( METU ) is a great school with very resourceful students and teachers, make sure to use it to your advantage and never stop improving and don't ever rely on your college in your career.

    @filthyranter Nah. Even without the president, Turkey has always been like that. They want their religion since they have always being oppressed. They don't care about living in literal shit if they can pray. Erdogan simply uses that to his advantage.
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    About kids so this might be relevant:

    Yeah we face massive overpopulation problems on the whole globe.

    Polish goverment: Lets give 120$ monthly to parents on every child if they have at least two...
    One governor ever made a ad campain for TV in which he wants every polish couple to fuck like rabbits.

    Serously WTF? Making more peiple wont increase the number of people staying in the country unless you improve the living standards you retards!

    And that is the situation in my country...
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    @Gregozor2121 I'm only guessing here, but there are a lot of nationalistic people, fearing, that "white christian europeans" will die out soon (cease to exist soon(?)), as they say, imigrants have more offsprings and thus they'll slowly take over. I mean it's all bullshit but still some people are afraid. I guess that's kind of the motivation behind it... Probably.
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    @Wack More along the lines of loss of culture = loss of identity I think.

    As an American its definitely a thing here but kept in hushed tones at my job, we had someone get fired on grounds of suspected racism, and this is inspite of it being Trump territory here.

    The global economy won't welcome a total hegemony, but it won't embrace forced diversity either. Humans fear change, and advancements in technology, medicine, and agriculture will only increase it.
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    insane. studying for free here in Germany. like you have to pay 150€ every semester for management purposes but there aren't no study loans.
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