Does anyone knows a Syncing / Self Hosted Cloud Solution that has native Integration for Windows and Ubuntu?
I want some shared storage between my Laptop and my PC. Save a project on one side, grab the laptop goes to a friend and work there with the data, without uploading / downloading the files manually or using some web interface for that.

I have also a root server with stroage and internet. So if it happens automagicly in background it would be fine.

Is there a good solution out there? Or some ideas / frameworks to programm it by myself?

Diff and merges are not needed. I never will work on both systems at the same time.

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    I use OwnCloud on my home server (mostly for syncing PDFs for lectures and other files).
    It's open source, has native clients for Windoozle, Linux and CrapOSX.
    For Android and jOS exists an unexpensive app which works mostly great but sometimes hangs on Android, if the folder has lots of files in it.

    OwnCoud requires PHP on Apache on Linux and that you have root access to the server.
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    Try owncloud.org
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    Just to propose another interesting option, consider Syncthing. It's basically an open source BitTorrent Sync.
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    @powerfulparadox this is actually good. Practical for most multimedia companies
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    I recommend nextcloud. Its a fork of owncloud - in my eyes it's better.
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    I use owncloud and like it very much, but since you asked for something that doesn't use a web interface, I recommend Amazon's S3 or Digitalocean's Cloud Object Storage. Both are accessible with powerful sync commands.
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