I live in the USA. Recently moved to a new state. Contacted car insurance company to change my policy to the new state.

Upon doing so, I was told about a new program they have where you install an app on your phone that monitors your driving. It gives discounts to your premium for driving safely.

Intrigued, I decided to try it out. At the end of the month, my discount was TWO DOLLARS.

Uninstalled, not worth the surrender of personal information that they profit off of in addition to my premium payments as well as the drained battery every day.

Disillusioned, again.

Has anyone else had experiences with similar discount programs, and was it worth it for you? Maybe I’m just a shitty driver ;).

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    Buy a gimbal
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    Lol insurance discount in itself seems like a scam.

    The words "affordable" or "cheap" do no mix well with "insurance." It's like peanut butter and pickles.
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    @nate Ha! I hadn't thought of that. They ding you for hard braking, speeding, and driving too late at night. There might have been other things too. The gimbal might interfere with detecting hard braking, not sure.
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    Wtf USA... Srsly. In Europe that kind of shit is illegal.
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    @NeatNerdPrime well it's not mandatory soooo. If someone doesn't give a flying fuck about their data, like most people, then they won't give a flying fuck about this
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    @bigus-dickus exactly, it's double-dipping. I'm fine with giving up certain data if the service I'm getting in return is an even balance to make my life easier. When it's glaringly lopsided, then no. For example, if they removed my premium altogether and gave free car insurance in exchange for metrics of my driving habits, then I'd be more open to the idea (still skeptical, though, as @Bitwise mentioned). That's not the case here, though. They are profiting big time off of my data and STILL charging the same premium (minus two dollars).
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    @NeatNerdPrime wish it was so.
    some german health insurances take fitness tracker data into account (eg. https://www.generali.de/vitality/) or at least wish to do so (http://m.spiegel.de/gesundheit/...)
    (german sources)
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    @erroronline1 that has the potential to be much more troubling than implementing it with car insurance coverage, imo. Yikes.
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    well i can comment for my case in germany:
    exact same thing, driving for 4 years now without accident (license since 17 ½)
    insurance cost is of course higher for young people but if you accept to register all data while driving -> immediately 10% discount on contract
    in addition 30% discount (at max) for clean/secure driving per year
    so far stable at 25%😎 (thanks dad for teaching me how to ACTUALLY drive😊)
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    @cb219 immediate 10% discount, wow. That's not a thing for me. Also, sounds like confirmation that I am indeed a shitty driver. 😂Could also be discounts are more substantial for younger drivers who normally get gouged like you said. I'm an age bracket or so above you.
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    I was offered something similar. I put it on a car I rarely drive - pretty much a “family car” so the speedo never exceeds 70 mph; and my rates went up. They can get fucked.
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    One more reason for me to stop pursuing a driver's license and instead build myself an electric bike. Car insurance companies can really go suck my dick for being such profiteering gluttons.
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    Same thing in Canada. I'm just scared to install it for 2 reason. 1, my personal info would be used for profit. 2, what if I feel like accelerating a little quicker on this one light, will they bump up my rates?
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    @Seby with my insurance company I was assured it would only result in discounts, not penalties. However, doing what you describe would most definitely increase your risk in their eyes and thus reduce your discount. The app tells you so with each trip.
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    I'm considering getting a dashcam specifically in case some asshole crashes into me or causes me to crash.

    Said dashcam would never upload anything anywhere, and would only ever write to an SD card. I can choose to send that to my insurance company or not.

    This saves my butt, implicates the person actually responsible, and allows me to retain my privacy. Perfect solution.
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    @bigus-dickus I had someone in a sporty car pull out in front of me. Hooked right at me, we locked eyes, and as soon as I got close he gunned the engine and pulled out in front of me. Had a smug expression, too.

    I barely avoided hitting him.
    If I had a dash cam, I probably would have, and would have sent the video to his insurance so they could sue him for attempted insurance fraud.
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    @bigus-dickus @root Yikes. Looks like I'll be getting a dashcam soon.
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