When you actually think about it, the Lazarus IDE for the Free Pascal compiler has the coolest name.

Them: what are you working on?

Me: **looks at screen and whispers** Lazarus......

I have been fucking around with Pascal more since I started to remember my Delphi days. Shit is tight af man.

I think I will try and build a site around it. Something sexy and modern to make this tech stack more l
Known to people. So far I have been having a blast playing with it.

Such an easy and powerful environment. And the syntax is so easy to learn.

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    finally someone mentioning pascal and delphi... here you go @aureliagbrl
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    @wowotek oh man I have been loving delphi ever since my last employer made me use it :D glad to know there are more people aware of it in here :D
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    yeah, it's a very fitting name

    "Rise from your grave and walk, Lazarus! Higher power demands you to ignore that you're dead!"
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    @Midnigh-shcode dead? Lol do you know how much money I was making out of it?
    Dem paychecks were not dead at all boy, guaranteed.

    I would never discard the 3 oldies, Fortran, COBOL und Lisp. The ammount of cash you can earn with these is just obscene.
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    ...do you think the paychecks would be so obscene if they were alive and well?

    ... why do you think it costs so much to get replacement parts for vintage cars? ;)
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    @Midnigh-shcode i actually think the paycheck was obscene because of what I was doing with it.

    You work with COBOL? More than likely you are doing banking, no opportunity to fuck up =paycheck.

    You work with Fortran? How are dem missiles clicking? Yeah you don't get to fuck up on that = paycheck.

    The same can be said for all the others that are in those kinds of areas.

    Then you have your zombies, likw VB6 which are no longer supported but people still code on those.

    A language is not dead until the last developer that works on it dies. And I still get FPC and Lazarus updates as well as Delphi.
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    @AleCx04 good point with the missiles
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    Pascal itself is really undead, killed by stupid and useless ISO standards and somewhat resurrected by loads of balcanised extensions incompatible to anything else. The name does fit.
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    @Fast-Nop interesting, explain. What do you mean incompatible to anything else?
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    @AleCx04 The ISO standard standardised Wirth's toy language, unusable for real programs. The consequence was that all usable Pascals used vendor extensions. You got a zoo of incompatible dialects: programs in Turbo Pascal were incompatible to Apple-Pascal and ST-Pascal. Since Borland screwed up Windows, TP didn't make it in the 90s.

    Even worse, you often can't compile old programs because there are no useful standards. In C, I can tell any C compiler on any platform to compile as per C89, and it will work. Such a standard means also that every compliant compiler implements the same and you have compilers for different platforms. Plus competition because the programs are portable instead of suffering from vendor lock-in.
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    @Fast-Nop ahhh that is true, much like today we got FPC, Delphi and Oxygen(forgot the name of that compailer, oxygen is the name)

    I tend to stick to Delphi(because of past work) and FPC and it is annoying that they have different standards. Thankfully the 3 i mentioned are pretty much the only 3 we have to "watch" when dealing with Pascal now a days. Mainly Delphi.
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    @AleCx04 yeah, but I wouldn't rely on Delphi for new projects because Embarcadero isn't really healthy as business.

    I wouldn't rely on FPC either for commercial projects because whom are you going to call up if something doesn't work? Having your highly paid engineers scanning the internet until they find a solution would be prohibitive from a cost point of view.

    Dunno about Oxygen, never heard of it, which in itself is already a reason against it.

    Pascal could have been quite neat had Borland pushed for an ISO standard, which they havn't because they always wanted to be able to introduce stuff at will so they could outfire and outmotion competition.
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    @Fast-Nop i never really liked the embarcadero model of business. I always felt that they harm the environment quite a lot. The price alone made it a niche. Their documentation ain't good at all and at some point me and my previous employer had to contact their support to get the info that we needed. Man that was a pain.

    I have been able to find most of the docs that I require through FPC documentation to be fair on that, but I will agree that neither pose a good environment to build a business, oxygen looks amazing but no one has heard of it, and worse, it is proprietary software....

    I just like the language a lot and even though we had certain documentation issues with delphi I cannot forget how good the paychecks were. I get offers from time to time. I actually have gotten more job offers for delphi than node(fk me right?) And the pay is always good but it always requires large moving investments on my part for an industry that is very niche
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