I have an Android phone. Pixel 2 to be exact, and I love it. Many family members and friends of mine have iPhones. To each their own.

Having said that, I absolutely HAAAATE the stupid iPhone feature that lets users react to text messages. Today all those iPhone users added me to literally 5 different SMS groups (which by themselves are their own sin), chatting up a storm all evening. I already hate group texts, please, leave me alone. But it gets so much worse when my phone blows up with twice as many messages because so-and-so "liked" this message, and so-and-so "laughed" at that message. It sends you their chosen verb alongside the ENTIRE original text AGAIN.

Such a stupid feature, leave Facebook on Facebook, why the hell do text messages need reactions? I don't give a shit that you liked or laughed or loved that so and so said they will be there at 9 o clock.

At least i have the ability to mute notifications for each group otherwise I'd be replying to every group text I get with a trolling big trigger item or something super inappropriate until they stop. Don't want this to continue? Stop group texting me, stop reacting to texts, and don't do it again.

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    This is what I'm talking about. Three of the same text message filling up the screen. Stuff like this, all evening.
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    @duckWit Jesus that looks downright painful
    Why SMS though?
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    That is just awful. Leave all these group chats.

    Why do people even use those features instead of just saying "Sounds like a good idea", etc.?
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    @Jilano or just "K."
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    @electrineer Psychological trigger, you are right.
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    @Jilano that's what the like means anyway
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    @Jilano I love how Slack implemented threads/reactions, that way dialog does not piles up with such assurance that given recipient understood/agreed upon message.
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    @Rozz If it gets close to a "mini" survey, I don't mind, but when I see all the possible reactions on Discord, I hate that. Useless.

    When I want to communicate/have a conversation, I don't want to see some emojis. I'm 15 years too old for that, haha
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    I just manually add my reaction to their reactions until they stop
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    @RememberMe I have no idea why they love SMS so much. Everybody on those groups is in the same Facebook group, they could just use that. It's far easier for me to ignore over there and much less invasive.
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    @epicality that's hilarious, great idea
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    @duckWit write a script that spams them back all the time
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