Me a while ago talking to a recruiter over the phone. This was for a C++ dev position.

(R)ecruiter : So except for the development things, we are looking for someone who has experience configuration linux. Do you have any experience with that?

(M)e : Sure, I use Linux all the time. What do you mean.

R : Well, Just using Linux isn't enough for this position, you need to have experience in configuration Linux.

M : Well. I can't answer your question if you don't specify what you mean. Do you mean that I need to be able to install my own packages? Set up my dev environment? Bash scripting? Being able to configure my bash profile to have good aliases? Use Linux to develop software? Because I can do all of these.

M : Or do you need someone who can write Kernel modules for the OS, because I don't have any experience in that but would like to learn.

R : Oh, I don't really know what it means. But the paper says that you need to have experience configuration Linux. So what would you say your experience with that is?


Me 😎 : I use Arch and you have to set it up completely from the ground by your self so I know everything there is to know.

Basically every question was like this with the recruiter. I got further in the process but quit because the workplace looked like it would drain my soul when I got interviewed by the employees of the company.

Jesus Christ though, some recruiters could be replaced by an automated phone system.

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    I know the feeling brother..

    Just smile and tell the recruiter that configuring linux can be done by a 12yr old.(just being sarcastic)
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    Until we all stop talking to recruiters nothing will change. We have the power to starve them out of business, but it'll hurt some of us in the short term.

    Are we up for the revolution sisters and brothers?
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    @platypus i already started
    i mean stopped.
    i mean... dammit, you know what i mean!
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    @Midnigh-shcode #metoo Welcome to the struggle, comrade.
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    @platypus wouldn't call it a struggle.
    found a better job in two months than via recruiters in 6 years.
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    @Midnigh-shcode Welcome to the easy life and better prospects.
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    There is a company whos recruiters are spamming with all their job openings for service desk employee. They called me once and I asked how they got my info, they claimed I gave it to them during a job event. I have never attended one of those nor would I ever have a chat with their company (because I hate their ads lol). When I asked them to delete my contact details and never contact me again, they said they'd take care of it.

    To this day I am still receiving emails from them, one of them titled "Come date with us!", which in context apparently meant they setup all their recruiters to have short convos with people who participate.

    Long story short... Fuck recruiters, please choke on lego
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    @SandervDoorn Many recruiters are really good looking so I wouldn't mind fucking them...
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    a recruiter asked me how many years of experience i have with "C hashtag".
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    @maces "Thats a sharp question
    Let me C..."
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    It can, i did.
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    @platypus Welp, I did stop the process and applied for a job myself. And now Im very happy with my job and don't really talk to them.

    That's something I guess.

    Mostly I felt like. I'm not going to let anyone else decide where I'm going to work. I want to apply for a position that I actually want.
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    @SandervDoorn hahahaha i wanted to ask her how much time she spends on Twitter
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    it's also funny when three recruiters from different companies call you about the same job, and of course they won't tell you the name of the company (because they know you'd go around them then), but you already know the requirements list and description they've been given by the company, so after the third bulletpoint you're like "i'm gonna stop you there, your competition was faster and i already have an interview set up through them", and you can hear the disappointment of their "oh... okay..."
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    @SandervDoorn “pls choke on lego”. Nice!
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    I'm starting to really question what the point of recruiters are anymore. We should have a web application service that allows you to do conferences with a company directly, and I don't mean Linkedin.
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    @starrynights89 the point of recruiters is to give bullshit jobs to pretty women who know and are interested in nothing else than flirting with people, so that IT is a bit less attacked with bullshit claims of misogyny
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