When a client asks us to support IE 6 can we start noting that there are some fucking useless clients out there and that Microsoft is inflicted with more of them than most? The continued existence of IE 6 isn't really down to Microsoft---it's down to their useless fucking customers.

So, let's beat those people with a stick until they upgrade to Edge.

At that point everyone can return to fighting about FF, Chrome and Edge---apart from me as all browsers seem to support cat JPGs.

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    I still don't understand this requirement

    To upgrade, you literally just have to push a button

    Every browser is literally the same on users side

    How much longer are we going to put up with people with an iq of 6
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    Tell them No, adjust your server to not accept TLS1.0 and no more IE6
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    @rant1ng and pushing this button will cost $$$ per machine :D
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    Yes we can, do you like the design google has? Plain simple pure html 4 plus standart javascript
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