How Microsoft expect anyone to develop using any technology they introduce with so many limitations.
Moi a Microsoft dumb enthusiast said to myself : hey dude you are a developer stop whining about the app gap bust a move create decent array of apps and release them, went into a full project management mode wrote requirements did sketches and some prototypes, time to execute.
1. first app: image files organizer, viewer , with some light editor capabilities and album creator after some work i came to discover that you don't have a proper file system APIs to show a folder tree view in my app "WTF" there are work arounds and dirty solutions but seriously? i can only access the stupid media folders created by Microsoft and that's it.
so i ditched the apps until uwp become a development tools with target audience other than kids who eat crayons, and while using "Edge" i thought to my self : "you know what dude extensions are cool and if you do something like a speed dial it would be awesome"
fire up my text editor started writing my extension to discover that:
"you cannot use localStorage from local HTML files".
moral of the story
MS is failing with consumers not because people hate MS but rather MS hates itself like no engineer over there said to him self this is fking stupid ?
other limitations :
no proper system tray access
no registry access what so ever
and i have started 2 days ago.
yeah Ms this is the main app gap problem the uwp sucks big time. compared to android Java which has a great access to every aspect of the device even apple provide better APIs for their systems.
if uwp is MS future then rip MS.
please i stand corrected if anyone knows better.

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    I think you're mixing up Windows and Microsoft.

    I know what you're talking about. I have had these problems too and yes, the missing system tray API sucks but I don't know what you mean by "no registry access".
    Anyways these are all Windows' mistakes.
    Microsoft does a lot more than developing Windows and it makes an effort to highlight that, f.e. the rename from "Windows Azure" to "Mircrosoft Azure".

    In conclusion, I know how you feel and I'm as annoyed by these missing APIs as you are but please don't judge a herd by one sheep.
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    @julkali hey man I'm not mixing, i can speak about azure if you want i have 4 active priority bugs now from my work also and a feature request that is plain stupid, for azure they didn't made the proper movement toward ARM yet and if you are automating azure resource type can only take plain text with no azure function support.
    you can author an arm template and deploy...... intermittent issue.
    so what is left if azure and windows are like this ? holo lens ?
    again man the point that i failed to bring up is that whoever calls the shots over there when it comes to these details is either disconnected from reality or simply just making sure the tasks are marked as done.
    i love MS cause i see great potential and i get angered by the unnecessary limitations. at least let us use full APIs range and then we can implement access request once user installs the app.
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