Professor in OS lab: Open up Cygwin and try some Linux commands

Me: Opens up dual boot Ubuntu and runs the commands on Terminal

Professor looks at my system: Is this the latest Windows 10 ?

Me: ...

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    pro fessor? more like pro blem
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    Opens up cmd, types bash, types Linux commands. Oh wait your still booting up 😏
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    @C0D4 *boots in literally three seconds*
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    You're an ENTP
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    @EvilArcher you really expect my professor to know about that after this ?
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    Git bash ftw
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    Alt+tabs from VM that runs Windows, which is somehow required for some programs for the lecture.

    Presses F12 for drop down terminal. Done in <1 sec ;)
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    @EvilArcher I still use cygwin because WSL doesn't have libusb support, so no Yubikey.
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    "No its Ubuntu. I have a dual boot you know? So I don't need Cygwin :)"
    "Okay cool"

    Where's the problem? Seriously not everyone is as intelligent as you are. Just talk to people and teach them instead of telling everyone how dumb they are...

    // Edit
    Okay I just saw that he's a OS lab teacher. Actually he should know that.... But still, keep this in mind
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    @Skayo bro I don't mind that at all, but he is the OS teacher. How can he seriously not know about Ubuntu ?!!
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    @C0D4 "you're"
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    @EvilArcher IE is still loading the news about win10 being released
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    My pro fessoor is more advanced
    Once in class ,he was trying to show shutting down Ubuntu with command on projector

    His CMD
    $init 0

    After few try
    I think this os ahe issue ,we have to format it

    I : sir why not try sudo init 0

    It obviously works
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