Anyone who has watched Black Mirror and thought what shit it is and technology can never go that far but wonder what if it does and we all are fucked.

Or we are already there but mini version of it. I see people glued on there phone, screen, and even I am guilty of that. But the amount of data we create everyday which can be treated as huge asset by the AI and Data mining enthusiast, I dont doubt we will be at a breaking point, which is coming sooner than we think.

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    I'm more like "that doesn't work that way.... that wouldn't work that way... that's just stupid"

    I'm not shitting on the show - I rather like it, especially some of the episodes. I just think that some of the things are portrayed just as silly like "future" was often portrayed back in 1940 or something. It's like the "flying cars" - back in the day people went like "wow - it's amazing! Can't wait for everyone to have that!" ... today we look at it and go "well that's just silly - there are people who think the earth is flat and the government is run by the illuminati... and you want to let them fly a car?!"
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    @theKarlisK Hahaha. Yes some part says it wont be bad at that extent, I mean hell bad, it wont advance till that level. But you know, you can always see some similarity, and if you extrapolate, which can go wrong, but there is still a potential of things happening in same way.
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    I think the question is not whether the tech will be able to do that. It's us. The human nature. Most the the time it's the humans that are portrayed corruptible and flawed, just using tech to spread their influence and support their actions(star trek episode for instance). The question is whether humanity deserves such advancements cuz we've been making a shitshow of every new technological advancement we get to use (extreme abuse of smartphones, kiddie porn, dark net stuff, modern warfare, biological warfare, fake news that actually causes deaths etc)
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    @theKarlisK I mean... Some of the people that you described own an assault rifle so...

    In my opinion, it's already gone that far. For most things, we are in there, and like @yatanvesh said, nothing is inherently good or bad, it all depends on what people do. And we all know that most people will chose themselves over someone else because human nature etc.

    I really like this show (especially the newer seasons) for that reasons. It makes you think a lot!

    PS: A favourite of mine is probably the S03E04 - San Junipero.
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    San junipero brings back feels. A truly wholesome episode @Jilano
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    I should watch that episode again I guess. :D
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    @yatanvesh I couldn't agree more! From the theme/story to the actors, everything is executed perfectly.

    It also makes your think about it: "What would you do in this situation", etc.
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    As has been pointed out, the show isn't really about the tech, it's about how people are abusing that tech. If they only used what we have today, the show wouldn't have the same effect.

    However, with the futuristic tech, the show perpetuates that not only is the tech futuristic, but the mindset of the characters, is something that only people in the future will have.

    Because you don't think that people with today's tech can have the mindset of the characters, it is way easier to be disgusted with the actions that they are taking, because again, it's in the future, with futuristic tech, it's not happening today. Then as you go on, you start to realize that that is not true.

    You look around at people, and realize that albeit with different means, people are taking the exact same actions, they just stem from different experiences.

    Take the episode where the people can look back at all their memories, being recorded in their mind. He ends up killing the guy whom his wife cheated on him with, because he had complete control over all the memories.

    My first thought was how great it was, that we can't do that today, but reality is that we just have different means of doing it. Be it via social media or friends telling you, some people do kill because of being cheated on. The end result is the same, the tech was just different, but that's not the thought you have initially, making it hit that much harder, when you realize it.
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    @Jilano Not saying it's utter garbage - they have made a pretty good guess on a number of things and we'll just have to wait and see how accurately it turns out and call it out "Black Mirror predicted this" like we do with every silly thing from the Simpsons.

    What I'm saying is that the way it's depicted is too overblown, sure, there will always be extremes, but I'm going to pull up the flying cars example again - it's not like it's not possible today ... but there's a number of reasons why everybody's not doing it, heck, just about anyone can have their private little airplane that they can pilot, which is then partially true to the past "predictions".

    My hands down favourite epsiode of Black Mirror was their last season finale: "Black Museum" and how it referenced other epsiodes. Tho, honestly, I'd have to say it's hard to point them out (I rather have my favourite moments/parts from episodes), however, my other, close favourites are: "the Waldo Moment" and "Hated in Nation".
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    @KasperNS that's probably the best way to put it that I've heard so far.
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    @theKarlisK well thank you. Wanna know the best thing? Came up with it on the spot 😅
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    @KasperNS that'd how the best "temporary" solutions are borne.
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