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    I thought ios developers were dumb. Seems legit!
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    Bugs occur all the time, if you can't code for shit.
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    Mac dosent show any errors because all macs are a mistake.
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    @Gregozor2121 the hardware is fine tho
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    For some people... yes.
    From my point of view they arent.

    I always jugde performance of a computer by their ability to play games. Macs dont have good cpus so thats why i think they are bad.
    Their build quality is lacking as well,
    fot that amount of money they should be able to build them more propely. Win laptops are cheaper and have more power, they are easier to repair and are more durable.

    I understand that their advantages might be unreplacable thats why people like them.
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    D R U N K
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