Rant && Question

My asshole manager got me shifted from a better team back to my original team. I didn't have any problems in that.

But now when our QA team has also completely resigned, he wants me to work both as dev as well as QA. I joined at a developer position.
All seniors in my team (Tech lead, product manager) are technichaly incompetent.

I am a fresher and don't have any other offers as of now, don't know what to do?

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    QA, processes and shit doesn't sound too bad because it gives you more options against outsourcing. Just make sure that you aren't just the signature monkey who will be blamed for anything.
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    @Fast-Nop Very good point. Always make clear that you are not trained for the task, demand education by authorised experts and make your boss sign important documents.
    Make sure to write an email and print it, as well as the reply.
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