A rare bug appeared. It was my duty to finish it.

SH = Manager

SH: So when do you think you can finish the task?
Me: I still have to analyze the problem. Give me a moment and I'll get back to you.
SH: Alright.

*An hour later*

SH: *Approaches my desk* Have you found the source of the problem?
Me: Not yet. Please give me some more time.
SH: Ok.

*An hour later*

SH: *the approach* You found it yet?
Me: Yes, I've found the the source of the problem, But... *explains the problem and thus concluding that it's a complicated bug*
SH: Can you finish it by tomorrow?
Me: I'll do the best I can but I am not entirely sure if I can finish it by tomorrow.
SH: OK great!

*The next day*

SH: *Le approach* Hey I have a colleague here that may be able to solve the problem, he has skills with XYZ. Ok, I will leave you two at it then. *the leave*
Helper: So can you tell me about the issue here?
Me: *explains the bug and the source of the problem*
Helper: Have you tried solution A?
Me: Yes sir, but it yields a different output... *explains what happened with solution A*
Helper: Well, that won't work. What about solution B?
Me: I've tried that, too. *Another lengthy explanation*
Helper: Welp, ok. I'll get back to you on that.

(...But he never came.)

*A few hours later*

SH: *A.P.P.R.O.A.C.H.* Hey I have this team lead from another department. I think he can help you out on this one. *L.E.A.V.E.*
Helper 2: What seems to be the problem?
Me: *Explains again with all the solutions I tried but failed*
Helper 2: Wow. That really seems to be a complicated problem.
Me (In my head): -_-
Helper 2: Listen, I need to get back to my team. I'll keep you posted if I happen to find a solution for your problem alright?
Me: Alright thanks.

*Towards the end of the day*

SH: *APPROACHHHH* Have you resolved the bug yet?
Me (In my head): You made me spend half the FUCKING day explaining to these people who didn't even give a piece of FUCKING SHIT to contribute to the problem and you are asking me if I am done with this FUCKING BUG? FUCK YOU, YOU SON OF A -
Me: No, it is not finished yet..
SH: You have to finish this because we don't have tomorrow.

I went home for the day.

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    You need a cold drink. And a rant to complement it! Welcome to devRant btw
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    Great story man. Shithead managers everywhere
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    @greenrobo much appreciated. It's great to be in this lovely community.
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    Welcome to devRant man! That sounds like a hell of a crappy situation :/
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    Be more assertive. "I'll solve it, just let me work on it. If I need help - I'll ask. Now let me get into the 'Flow'"
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    I don't know why but for some reason I thought you were going to say that you found out what the bug is. And that it's the manager bugging you so much!
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    @dabaerju thanks for a genuine rant😁
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    Welcome to devrant! And if you solve the bug by the end of the week, you're good. Don't lose heart!
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    This is so much the situation I had with an API connector recently just that the Helper 2 was like:

    "Try Solution #123"

    Which was nothing even closely related to the problem we were facing..
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    The problem with our current system is that my manager says yes to the client before tackling and analyzing the problem and then talking it over with her employees.

    Client: "Can you do it in a day?"
    SH: Of course we can!

    It always led to undesirable results. An example is my rant up there. But this is the worst one I've encountered and I really had enough of it.

    She thinks numbers speed up the process. We all know that doesn't work all the time, though.
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    @dabaerju it's like trying to make a woman pregnant from 9 months to a month wih 8 other women πŸ˜‚
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    A rare bug appeared? For future reference bug types are weak against rock and fire and wind types. Use one of the above to wear them out and use a throwable (pokeball) to catch.
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    So can you tell me about the issue here? πŸ˜‚
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    @cyberlord64 or reveal your trap card "insect repellant" NO MORE BUGS HERE
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    Holy shit am I your manager?!
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    @Devintrix I wonder if this scenario ever happens here on devRant! I feel like it has to be a statistical impossibility for it not to happen if it hasn't already!😁
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    @Kryptic I'd it hasn't it will... probably to me lol
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    Is you manager Sherlock Holmes?
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    When SH said, ok great, alarm bells should have rung.

    You should have called SH back and explained it like this: you have to assume that I cannot fix this problem before tomorrow, I do not need help. I'll let you know when I fix it.

    When you use vague language like, "maybe I can" or "probably", then managers will usually assume you'll have it fixed by then.
    So always answer clearly in a way that cannot be understood in another way.

    Because if you are vague, they will always tell you later on, "but you said you could get it done by then" even though you said you weren't sure.

    Its better to be pessimistic about the estimate and that they might not make a deadline, then that a manager has an appointment he/she made on the assumption that you would get it done and theb it doesn't work.
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    @ZwoRmi no, he's Sir Head, Shit Head to be exact, head of the Shit household.

    To recap, Sir Shit Head, Head Shit of the Shit House... Esquire
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    judging by the first line I thought you'd have a poke battle with the bug
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