OMG I have no clue why they're leaving
- Every asshole manager ever

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    Boss:Everyone is replaceable
    Key employee: *leaves*
    Boss:[Surprised Pikachu]
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    @rutee07 makes sense, no need for experienced people to teach inexperienced people.
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    Reminds me of, yes that company again.. whose customers left and they didn't know why.

    Even when I pointed out the blog of a former customer who had written in detail just why their product sucked, they still didn't take any notice to improve their product..
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    Interesting variation of that:
    Boss is very hesitant to buy proper equipment. Needs weeks to months of persuasion for proper mouse and keyboard, haggle for more RAM on my laptop etc.
    Home office only occasionally...
    Lots of stress (partially from the boss himself).
    *3 devs quit after complaining forever*
    Suddenly the boss promises to get all new epic equipment, home office en masse, optional reduction in hours, more money...
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    When I was a manager I used to regularly ask my staff if there was anything they needed.

    As I noticed they were quite reluctant to ask, as previous management hadn't taken any notice of their requests !

    I remember one person telling me about something their department had needed for 20 years, and after asking for years, they had given up.

    Later that afternoon within 24 hours, I made it happen. :-)

    To me, management is all about problem solving, ideally all those problems that prevent your workers from working at there most efficient.

    I know a lot of other managers disagree with me, but how come my department runs like clockwork and everyone is happy, and their's is nothing like that !

    I believe the traditional view is management is supposed to tell the workers what to do..

    Whilst that is generally true, I think a lot of your time / effort should be directed towards listening to your workforce, as generally they know best as they are at the coalface.
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    All of these comments, makes me remember of my past manager/boss.

    They are couples, that only hires fresh graduates that they know they can easily manipulate. The quality of work suffers because we were all beginners.

    Managements sucks, overtime pay is not paid, goverment benefits are not given though already deducted on our salary, lots of unfinished projects, lots of angry customers.

    Every year employees leave. There is a pattern. I think they know that but like my past boss said, "employees can be replaced"
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    I think its because most MBA bs was written at the time of industrial revolution and hence they may apply to factory workers. But in a creative field like software all that control and command nonsense all the time is only counterproductive.
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    I would blame part of the problem on this idea that management must be seen to do something, eg. managing people.

    "Look I'm being a manager !"

    "I just told so and so what to do !"

    To me, no being a good manager is someone that doesn't need to tell anyone what to do !

    They just do their stuff, and when they have a problem that needs you the manager to sort, that is when you jump to attention and fix it !

    Your role then is to patrol the workplace, learn what is going on, look for issues that need fixing that no one has told you about. (Like is that fire door closing all the way or not..)

    Be there to help out when someone needs a hand. (Let me help you with that heavy box..)

    Help the new trainee's..

    Checkup on all those items in your todo list that other departments haven't done yet..
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    Customer: *acts rude*
    Manager: *acts rude back*
    Customer: [surprised Pikachu]
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