"I should really make better offsite backups"

"Right, this service doesn't do client side encryption"

"Oh this one doesn't have a Linux client"

"OK this one only sets up a single directory you can dump shit into"

"Wtf this one charges more than a high class escort girl"

Whatever... I'm sure my house won't burn down.

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    How about http://backuppc.sourceforge.net/faq... and the backup to ex. contabo.com?

    Note, you'd need to have a fix ip or dyndns running and forward ssh ports to have it automated. To your file server/nas at home
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    @Wack I regularly make backups to AWS S3 / Glacier. Did I say regularly? I mean sometimes... I mean... once a year... The more involved a method is, the less likely I am to do it often.

    I'm kind of looking for this holy grail combination of:

    Verifiable transparent client-side encryption (pref FOSS), hooking into any cloud storage backend, able to transfer just deltas, crossplatform, not centered around this retarded concept of a single "vault", and still reasonably affordable.
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    @Wack Heh, that client actually does look quite interesting!
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    Wait git annex also works on windows of course... 🤔
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    @bittersweet make an update post or @ me if you do some git annex magic for backups
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    How about using your own hardware in separate locations? From there you have plenty of options like nextcloud/owncloud, bacula, duplicati2 + minio, rsync, etc)

    I have a number of SBCs (sheevaplugs, odroids, pine64, rock64s) and have 1 at my parent's place for off-site copies. I'm currently trying out duplicati2 + minio but having trouble running minio's docker image in aarch64
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    @LrdShaper Duplicati looks very interesting!
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    Buy a server with some friends and colocate it
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    @bittersweet it is, and can do client-side encryption with no keys residing in the server. Plus it supports a long list of storage providers.

    Minio allows me to run an S3 compatible storage server, which duplicati2 supports. This way I own and host everything
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    Zip and upload to Google Drive!!!

    I'll see myself out.
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    @Noob Well zip can be encrypted, there are open source archival tools, it does support all storage backends, and if I zip each file individually I can do incremental backups.

    Pretty good!
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    I'm using burp for a few years now and didn't have any issues with it. It requires its own server software, but otherwise matches a lot if the criteria you posted.
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    @7400 looks neat!

    @LrdShaper I think I'll actually use Duplicati, it's a really neat "true backup" tool. TransIP Stack is a 1TB free storage (2TB for 10/m), and with Duplicati supporting encryption & webdav backends directly it fits my needs.

    Git annex is quite powerful, but I've noticed it's also too fragile and a bit unintuitive: small config/command mistakes might mean stuff exists in too few places, and recovery isn't exactly easy either.
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    First company I worked for had a paranoid CEO who didn’t trust backing up over the internet despite encryption.

    So, and I shit you not:

    He found a local data company willing to host the backups in a rack somewhere, and he legit looked for one with a direct line-of-sight because he decided the only secure way would be to have a direct microwave link to the site.

    I dread to think how much it all must cost.
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