one of my cousin ask me to help him for uploading his ex's private pics and videos on porn websites.
Because her parents are not allowing their marriage and she is not ready to go against family (he is not working anywhere, Jobless)

I simply take screenshots of our chat and send to his ex and her parents.

Hope they will punish him.

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    Respect 🎩
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    Your jobless, revenge-porn posting cousin sounds like a real catch. Wonder why her parents are against the marriage? Some people, eh?
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    He is among those boys who never take anything serious about life ,I requested him that focus on career many time.
    If he was asked me about helping in job and convincing her parents ,I might be helping him right but he ask me to join his crime ,if I declined ,then obviously he will ask for another people so I closed matter in hard way
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    Respect +++
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    Batman style! Well done!
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    jesus what a fine specimen of a royal wagon

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    Lol this piece of shit can't even upload a fucking picture?
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    Little update

    Yesterday night ,her parents meet aunty.
    Format his mobile
    Destroy his sim
    Delete all conversation from FB
    Change OTP number from Gmail

    So he can't recover Gmail or FB pass again
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    @import-fun gmail part was way too much, he can sue for that
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    Nice. Good job man! Not all heroes wear capes.
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    @zemaitis no actually they both are my relative ,I request them don't make police complaint just punish him in other way because once F.I.R. filed on his name ,he will not get good job (gov job)

    and if he manage to recover that data and try to upload ,I will be the first person to file complaint against him.

    just hope he get lesson and he will focus on career rather than this cheap techniques.
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    reason to post this rant is

    99% girls don't know risk of private moment stuff's.

    they just think it is in responsible person's hand that's why I always try to teach girl's about risk ,how hacker's can exploit their system and their data can be public.

    It is our(technical people's ,Ethical hacker's) responsibility to aware non-technical people about technology risk .
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    @import-fun yes. I am not suggesting she is completely innocent since the data got created in the first place and was kept in the wrong hands.

    On the other side, people should also know that uploading this kind of data is damaging and there is no good reason to ever do so. I don't care if someone cheated or did whatever. Revenge porn is just plain out stupid and uploading it is the worst kind of childish and dumb behavior. I don't understand why people cannot behave like proper human beings. Yes it is emotional and hard, but seriously. How hard can it be to be a decent human being.
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    mobile + internet + stupid people is like

    monkey have sword in hand

    he don't know risk of it

    he don't know advantages of it
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    Good for you! 😊

    With luck he learns his lesson. Otherwise, please melt both him and his electronics. Those who post revenge porn should never be shown respect nor mercy.
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    @Root Filming intercourse would never cross my mind, let alone revenge publishing it... Some people are just undescribable. Sad thing is, you can't always spot them.
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