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    Drinking this alone is another level x)
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    I want to test it
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    Side project...

    Like... you'll be sideways... On this project, after you drink that
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    Love it, dancing with the green fairy is always nice.
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    This reminds me of an episode from Bojack Horseman where Bojack goes to the pub:
    Bojack to bartender: give me something to help me forget my misery
    *bartender takes out a bottle of vodka*
    Bojack: what is this, breakfast?
    *bartender takes out a bottle of cyanide*
    Bojack: Oooh probably not that strong.
    *bartender takes out bottle of absinthe*
    Bojack: yeah that's perfect

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    Infuriatingly, I think that's illegal here. 😕
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    @varundey I binged watch that entire series on a hangover

    Good stuff
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