When migrating from MySQL server to MariaDB and having a query start returning a completely different result set then what was expected purely because MariaDB corrected a bug with sub selects being sorted.

It took several days to identify all that was needed on that sub select was “limit 1” to get that thing to return the correct data, felt like an idiot for only having to do 7 character commit 😆

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    Always do limit 1 if you are expecting 1 result :D
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    Went from mySQL to Mariadb so I'll make note of this. 😂
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    What are your reasons for migration to MariaDB?
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    @Womba migrated a few sites to AWS to get them off onsite hardware that’s been dying for years, so mariadb being what “$ install MySQL” was the only reason 😉

    The migration to mariadb was simple enough, almost plug and play, just a hand full of queries started mucking up which wasn’t expected.
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