My boss saw me tweaking some css via chrome devtool on a prod website.
"Oh, isnt that our html code ? So every one could see it ? You should find a way to hide it, this is not an open source project!"
Didnt even knew how to answer ._.
This not how it works ...

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    *Proceeds to only serve images to visitors*
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    Whats worst than a non-tech manager ? A manager who think he know tech.
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    Real test was how he responded when you explained the situation to him. Did he change his mind or did he keep insisting you "fix" it?

    I don't mind people who lack knowledge. It's the ones who press on in the face of facts to the contrary that piss me off.
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    @platypus this, there is too many people like that, fuck they even breeding
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    Recommend him to read this article:

    Specially “The Bottom Line” section.

    And try to highlight this line for him:
    “In the end, the only sure fire way to make sure no one can steal your source code is to never put it on the Internet at all.”
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    I remember in my first company I was given specific orders from my senior devs to never open UI infront of my project manager untill it's too late for him to screw things up.
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    Show him facebook code..
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    So... Just use some jsx in react and before sending it to a browser obfuscate it. That way, he won't be able to "see" the code himself :P

    This is a joke obviously
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    Make / download .exe file that represent the site.
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    @devTea Yes that is usually how they breed.
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    I read "my boss saw me twerking...." time to have the morning coffee I guess
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    Open a remote monitor to a VM running Chrome and the website in fullscreen. 😀👍
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    Yeah when this shit happens you need to educate them. Otherwise they will assume you’re the retarded one.
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    @PrivateGER Well I'm no frontend expert, but with devTools "they" could still get the image resources... For total security better turn the webapp into a desktop app XD
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