Guys, need your ideas/advice.
I myself am out of ideas here. The 'problem': I started learning React 5-6 weeks ago, made news app, weather app and... that's it. What else should be in every react dev portfolio? Todo app doesn't count. Too easy. ;)

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    After asking uncle google and spending couple minutes reviewing some of the React projects he has in mind.

    We are glad to provide you this small list:

    - Real Time Search.

    - Block Puzzle .

    - Movie Cards for coming soon movies with release count down.

    - Reports: tables and chars and graphs.

    - Currency Converter.

    - Appointment Calendar.

    - Meme Generator.

    - Money/Expenses Tracker.
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    Also try using something for state management such as redux to show you have used it . Also a quiz app would be nice.
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